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L104372 - Exposing data as services in a microservices architecture on OpenShift documentation

In this hands-on lab, you’ll learn how to expose data as services in a Microservices Architecture running on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP). See how to transform a microservices application to use data services instead of connecting directly to the underlying datasource. In this lab, you’ll learn how to use to:

  • Quickly develop a basic container-based application

  • Reuse container images from the Red Hat container registry

  • Migrate a simple microservices application to a containerized version using data services to connect to the underlying data sources

  • Get a feel for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP)

You’ll also learn what tools to consider when implementing a containerized, microservices architecture.


This lab is geared towards developers who are interested in learning how to containerize their data applications. Attendees, during this session, will explore Microservice architecture, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid. To accomplish this, one need a little background or experience in Linux.


Lab 1

Docker refresh (optional)

Lab 2

OpenShift Command Line Interface (CLI)

Lab 3

Analyzing a Microservices Application

Lab 4

Changing the microservices application using data services

Lab 4 part II

Changing the microservices application using data services with security

Generate html/pdf/epub/mobi

You may locally create rendered forms of the documentation. To do this install gitbook and ebook-convert, then execute the following commands from the checkout location:

$ gitbook build ./ L104372
$ gitbook pdf ./L104372 L104372.pdf
$ gitbook epub ./L104372 L104372.epub
$ gitbook mobi ./L104372

Once above commands executes successfully, the L104372 folder, L104372.pdf, L104372.epub, and will be generated.

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